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International TIES publication now out!
New TIES publication in the IMISCOE Research Series:
The European Second Generation Compared: Does the Integration Context Matter?
edited by Maurice Crul, Jens Schneider and Frans Lelie
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About the book
One of the foremost challenges for contemporary Europe is the integration of newcomers and their children. This second generation constitutes a rapidly growing, visible and often vocal share of metropolitan youth. Yet, research so far has not delved into their real-life place and position, let alone compared it cross-nationally. This book blazes a trail. Data collected by the TIES survey in fifteen cities across eight European countries provide a vivid picture of how children of immigrants from Turkey, Morocco and the former Yugoslavia are progressing in local domains. Results in education, labour, social relations, religion and identity formation are not only demographically compelling, but revelational. By asking if the integration context matters – and, if so, how – we begin to answer universal questions concerning the long-term effects of incorporation regimes, as they affect migrants today and for generations to come.

"Scholars of immigration have been waiting for years for a rigorous, internationally comparative study that would provide the basis for systematic thinking about the impacts of local and national contexts on integration processes, and with The European Second Generation Compared, we finally have it. The field will never be the same. This book is essential reading for anyone who claims to be well informed about how the children of immigrants are fairing." 
– Richard Alba, Co-Author of Remaking the American Mainstream

"This book is both theoretically and empirically important, as no other work has been able to compare these second generation groups along key indices of integration in so many European countries. It will complement  the debates concerning the second generation, which have been dominated by American analysts studying immigration to the US."
– Miri Song, Professor of Sociology, School of Social Policy, Sociology, & Social Research, University of Kent

"The results of the massive TIES project have been much anticipated. Presented here through an integrated set of chapters, they certainly do not disappoint. The project, its thoughtful design, robust methods and compelling findings set a new standard in migration studies. Further, TIES provides highly significant, new insights into second generation social dynamics and comparative outcomes."
– Steven Vertovec, Director, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity   
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