TIES Stakeholders Conference May 11-12-13 2009, Amsterdam
TIES Stakeholders Conference May 11-12-13 2009, Amsterdam
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TIES Policy Brief

Education and the Transition to the Labour Market.

With the TIES Stakeholders Conference we want to organise a dialogue to formulate what constitutes good practice based on country and city comparison and to set up an international agenda of best practice.

European countries face practically the same problems with integration, but they still are all formulating their own national answers and achieving different results – even though many countries have migrants of the same national origin, having come in at the same time and bringing with them the same kind of capital. Besides, processes of economic reconstruction in the various European countries have influenced these groups in similar ways.

The relative position of the second generation with regard to education and labour force participation is often viewed as a robust measure of group integration as a whole. Studying specific ethnic groups with the same starting position (the second generation) makes it easier to compare them cross-nationally and gives the opportunity to study the importance of the receiving context in integration processes.

The international research project TIES (The Integration of the European Second generation) focused on comparison across Europe. Different national contexts were viewed as a natural ‘laboratory’ for investigating the influence of a wide range of universal and targeted policies and allowing comparison on their effects on the children of immigrants.

Conference aims and objectives

The stakeholders’ conference aim is to ensure the transfer of the research results and their political implications to policy makers, immigrant organisations, researchers and other stakeholders at the local, national and international level.

With this conference we want to organise an open dialogue to formulate what constitutes good practice based on country and city comparison and to set up an international agenda of best practice.

An international policy brief will be used as a position paper and a framework of the conference. The paper will be circulated among the invited participants prior the conference.


Researchers, policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders from 15 cities in the eight countries involved in the project, as well as funding organisations and international partners will take part at the conference.

Participation in the TIES Stakeholder Conference is by invitation only.

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Superdiversiteit (Crul e.a. 2013) biedt een nieuw vergezicht in het integratiedebat door de voorwaarden te schetsen van een grootstedelijk toekomstscenario van hoop.  Het boek is hier (scroll down for Super-diversity in English / Super-diversité en Francais! ) te lezen en te bestellen bij de boekhandel 

TIES policy brief
Does the Integration Context Matter?
Read it here
The Changing Face of World Cities
Edited by Maurice Crul and John Mollenkopf. Order at:
The Changing Face of World Cities pairs European and American researchers to explore how youths of immigrant origin negotiate educational systems, labor markets, gender, neighborhoods, citizenship, and identity on both sides of the Atlantic.
TIES Stakeholders Conference May 11-12-13 2009, Amsterdam

Education and the Transition to the Labour Market.

French Stakeholder meeting in Paris
TIES stakeholder meeting - 25 March 2009, INED, Paris

INED organised the first French Stakeholder meeting in Paris on the 25th March. This day was dedicated to the presentation of a selection of results from the French TIES survey, with the objective to stear discussions with French researchers specialists of the themes tackled by the survey, representatives of local authorities in charge of integration and anti-discrimination policies and with representatives of associations of Turkish migrants.

The meeting took place at INED, 133 boulevard Davout, 75020 Paris.
TIES Academic Conference 11-12-13 December 2008
At the TIES Academic Conference the TIES team presented the main comparative findings across the eight countries on the themes: Education, Labourmarket, Identity and Discrimination. Distinguished North American guests acted as discussants, and gave public key note lectures presenting findings of the main research projects on the second generation in North America and Australia.

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