TIES Stakeholders Conference May 11-12-13 2009, Amsterdam
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TIES Stakeholders Conference May 11-12-13 2009, Amsterdam
List of Participants
Practical information
TIES Policy Brief

Location of the conference:
Concern Congres Centrum
Weesperstraat 113
1018 VN Amsterdam

Monday 11 May: Education and the transition to the labour market
(Presentation of the results of the International TIES Project)

8.10   - 8.40   Registration
8.40   - 8.50   Opening (Maurice Crul)
8.50   - 9.10   Welcome speech Alderman ‘Diversity and Urban Policies’
                    Freek Ossel
9.10   - 9.50   Opening speech Presentation of the TIES project
                    (Jens Schneider)
9.50   -10.10   Questions
10.10 -10.30   Coffee break
10.30 – 11.10  International Comparative Results on Education
                    and the Transition to the Labour market (Maurice Crul)
11.10 - 12.00  Questions and Answers Educational experts in the TIES team 
                    Rosa Aparicio, Maurice Crul, Rosita Fibbi, Gulseli Baysu,
                    Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, Ali Osman 
                    chair: Jens Schneider

12.00 - 13.00 Lunch
13.00 - 14.15 Workshop 1: The Long Route (The Netherlands:
                   Ankie Verlaan and Sandra De Bresser) or
                   Workshop 2: Late selection and the challenge to
                   teach to a diverse student population (Sweden: Ali Osman
                   and Mait Adegår).
14.15 -14.45  Tea break
14.45 -16.00 Workshop 3: Segregation in Primary school.
                   Effects of segregation and policy instruments to counter 
                   segregation. (Gulseli Baysu, KUL and Guido Walraven,
                   National Knowledge Centre on ‘Mixed Schools’ ) or
                Workshop 4: Cosmicus Montessori College.
                   Educational initiatives from grass root organizations
                   (Adem Kumcu, Jeroen Vlug and Huseyin Asma; 
                   Stichting Cosmicus, Amsterdam and Rotterdam,
                   The Netherlands)
16.00 – 17.00 Meet and greet
                   Informal opportunity to network with colleagues
                   from other countries on a range of topics like:
                        . Policy making on education
                        . Policy making on diversity

                        . NGO’s
                        . Practice: Education and/or labour market projects
                        . Theme 1: Kindergarten and Primary school
                        . Theme 2: Secondary school
                        . Theme 3: Transition to the labour market

Tuesday 12 May: Workshops on Education

9.00             Registration
9.15  - 9.30   Opening Jens Schneider
9.30  -09.55  Tofik Dibi, GroenLinks member of Parliament, the Netherlands
10.00 -11.15  Workshop 5: Second language learning in Pre School
                   (Eva Grabherr and Simon Burtscher, Voralberg, Austria) or
    Workshop 6: Education support projects.
                   Junge Vorbilder (Arzu Degirmenci and Deniz Akpinar:
                   Hamburg, Germany, and Omar Ramadan, Projectleider Goal en
RadarAdvies, Amsterdam
11.15 - 11.45 Coffee break
11.45 -13.00 Workshop 7: Role of cultural mediators in school
                  (Rosa Aparicio-Gomes, Iván Lendrino Tejerina and
                  Marina Lovelace:
Madrid, Spain) or
Workshop 8: The Robotica project. How to reach 
                  out to boys with an educational message?
                  (Murat Alici, Adem Öztürk en Gungor Uslu
                  Stichting De Witte Tulp, the Netherlands).
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 15.15 Workshop 9: Retention programs in Higher education
                  (Mary Tupan: ECHO and Sabine Severiens: RISBO,
                  The Netherlands) or
Workshop 10: Parents and Schooling. 
                  (Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, Eva Grabherr and
                  Simon Burtscher: Okay zusammen Leben, Austria ; 
                  Esther Sarphatie, Project Capabel: Ouderbetrokkenheid.nl and
                  Lisette Massink, FORUM, Project Platform Allochtone Ouders
                  en Onderwijs)

15.15 - 15.45 Tea break
Setting the Agenda
Chair:           Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger
15.45-18.30  Ursula Neumann (Intercultural Studies, University of Hamburg) 
                  Reaction on the TIES policy brief
                  Gelu Călăcean (DG Education and Culture) EU Green paper 
                  Claire Shewbridge (OECD) Children of immigrants in school
                  Jana Huttova (OSI) IDEE Advocacy program
18.30 Drinks
19.00 Buffet at the CCC by "de Keuken van Tante Til"

Wednesday 13 May: Workshops on the transition to the labour market

8.30 - 9.00    Registration
Chair:           Liesbeth Heering
9.00 - 9.10    Opening Jens Schneider
9.10 - 9. 55   Discrimination in the transition to the labour market.
                   Results of the TIES project. (Patrick Simon)
9.55 - 10.25  Questions and debate
10.25 -10.45  Coffee break
10.45 - 12.00 Workshop 11: The project Anonymous CV
                   and the Bruckenangebot (Switzerland: Roland Zurkirchen;
                   the Netherlands: Elif Keskiner
) or
                   Workshop 12: Positive discrimination for public jobs.
                   (Judith Suurmond, DMO Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
12.00 -13.00  Farewell Lunch

Optional 14.00:
Visit to the Cosmicus Montessori College in Amsterdam

Transport will be arranged.

Het Cosmicus Montessori Lyceum
Polderweg 1, 1093 KL Amsterdam

Superdiversiteit (Crul e.a. 2013) biedt een nieuw vergezicht in het integratiedebat door de voorwaarden te schetsen van een grootstedelijk toekomstscenario van hoop.  Het boek is hier (scroll down for Super-diversity in English / Super-diversité en Francais! ) te lezen en te bestellen bij de boekhandel 

TIES policy brief
Does the Integration Context Matter?
Read it here
The Changing Face of World Cities
Edited by Maurice Crul and John Mollenkopf. Order at:
The Changing Face of World Cities pairs European and American researchers to explore how youths of immigrant origin negotiate educational systems, labor markets, gender, neighborhoods, citizenship, and identity on both sides of the Atlantic.
TIES Stakeholders Conference May 11-12-13 2009, Amsterdam

Education and the Transition to the Labour Market.

French Stakeholder meeting in Paris
TIES stakeholder meeting - 25 March 2009, INED, Paris

INED organised the first French Stakeholder meeting in Paris on the 25th March. This day was dedicated to the presentation of a selection of results from the French TIES survey, with the objective to stear discussions with French researchers specialists of the themes tackled by the survey, representatives of local authorities in charge of integration and anti-discrimination policies and with representatives of associations of Turkish migrants.

The meeting took place at INED, 133 boulevard Davout, 75020 Paris.
TIES Academic Conference 11-12-13 December 2008
At the TIES Academic Conference the TIES team presented the main comparative findings across the eight countries on the themes: Education, Labourmarket, Identity and Discrimination. Distinguished North American guests acted as discussants, and gave public key note lectures presenting findings of the main research projects on the second generation in North America and Australia.

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