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What is the time-schedule for TIES?
The preparations for TIES started in 2003. In a number of international workshops, financed by the Swiss foundation Stiftung Bevölkerung, Migration und Umwelt (BMU), the international team discussed a common research design and produced an international standardised questionnaire to be used in all participating cities. TIES officially commenced in the beginning of 2005 with further preparations. The survey went into the field in the first half of 2007, first results were available by the end of 2007. These are discussed on the local and national levels with a broad forum of scientists, policy makers, institutions, and civil society activists.

In 2008 and 2009, policy makers, stakeholders and NGOs from all over Europe were brought together in an international conference to discuss the results and their possible consequences for integration policies and target measures in a comparative perspective.

Since TIES will deliver an important advance in the creation of an internationally comparative dataset on integration in Europe, this is of great interest for migration scientists and theorists as well. Therefore, in december 2008, an international academic conference, bringing together scholars from Europe, North America and Australia, marked the formal end of the survey period. The conference focused especially on the comparison of the position of the second-generation on those three continents.

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