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TIES RTN Thematic workshop on Education, 29th September 2008 (Vienna)

On 29th September, the first thematic seminar of the TIES RTN will take place in Vienna, organised by TIES RTN partner EIF. The objective of the workshop is to confront the first results of the data analysis on education with the work of international and European leading scholars in the field.

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TIES RTN Qualitative Methodology seminar, Septembre 2008, Vienna
Adel Pasztor from IMES organises a two day workshop aimed at presenting qualitative survey methods and challenges to the TIES RTN ESRs and other PhD students working on the analysis of the TIES data set. Part of the workshop will be based on the experience acquired by Adel Pasztor over the last year in carrying interviews with the Turkish respondents of the Dutch and Austrian surveys.
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TIES RTN Qualitative Methodology Workshop, 27 March 2008, Leuven (Belgium)
A seminar on qualitative methods is organised in Leuven by TIES RTN partner ISPO on qualitative methods on the 27th March. 
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TIES RTN project plan workshop, 18-19 January 2008, Madrid
This seminar is organised to bring together the senior researchers and ESRs/ERs towards the end of the first year of the project, with the view to discuss the individual projects of the ESRs, and to look for synergies between projects.
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TIES RTN quantitative methodology seminar, 15-17 October 2007, The Hague
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Kick off meeting of the TIES RTN
The kick off meeting of the TIES RTN project took place in Paris on 1st and 2nd April 2007.
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