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Snakes and Ladders in Educational Systems: Access to Higher Education for Second-Generation Turks inhot!
Maurice Crul in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2013).

Based on the first international standardised survey on the second generation in Europe, TIES , Crul compares the school trajectories of youth from the same origin group (parents born in Turkey), with the same starting position (born in Europe) and the same socioeconomic status (parents with only modest educational credentials) in six European countries. The differences between countries are substantial. The opportunity to enter higher education is seven times greater in the highest-performing country than in the lowest. These differences can be explained by the institutional arrangements in education in interaction with the available family resources. The article highlights the importance of the oft-neglected national school context.

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Second-generation migrants: Europe and the United States hot!
Article by Maurice Crul and Jens Schneider in The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration, Edited by Immanuel Ness © 2013 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
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Incorporation of children of immigrants: the case of descendants of immigrants from Turkey in Swedenhot!
An article by Alireza Behtoui, published in Ethnic and Racial Studies (2012). This paper investigates how children of immigrants from Turkey are integrated into Swedish society. The educational achievements and labour market outcomes of this group are compared with the performance of the
offspring of native-born parents.
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The dimensions and degree of second-generation incorporation in US and European citieshot!

A comparative study of inclusion and exclusion. By Frank D. Bean et al. 

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Does the context of reception matter?hot!
The Link Between the Transnational Behaviour and Integration of the Second Generation in European and American Cities. Does the context of reception matter? By Tineke Fokkema, Laurence Lessard-Phillips, James D. Bachmeier, Susan K. Brown in  Issue 2 (2) 2012 of Nordic Journal of Migration Research (NJMR)
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"Return" migration intentions among second-generation Turks in Europehot!
T. Fokkema:  "Return" migration intentions among second-generation Turks in Europe: the effect of integration and transnationalism in a cross-national perspective. 
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Staying on or Dropping out:The Role of the School Environment in School Careershot!
Baysu, G. & Phalet, K. (2012). Staying on or Dropping out: The Role of the School Environment in Minority and Non-minority School Careers. Teachers College Record, 114 (5).
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‘Dual’ Identity as a two edged sword: Identity threat and minority school performancehot!

Baysu, G., Phalet, K., & Brown, R. (2011). Social Psychology Quarterly 74(2): 121-143. 

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Comparative integration context theory: participation and belonging in new diverse European citieshot!

Ethnic Racial Studies 2010, Maurice Crul and Jens Schneider. Drawing upon results from the TIES survey on the second generation in eight European countries the authors propose a new perspective on integration or assimilation. The proposed comparative integration context theory argues that participation in social organizations and belonging to local communities across European cities is strongly dependent on the integration context. Differences in integration contexts include institutional arrangements in education, the labour market, housing, religion and legislation.

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Do feelings of discrimination explain the riots in Brussels? hot!
Vandezande, V., Phalet, K., Swyngedouw, M. (2011). Do feelings of discrimination explain the riots in Brussels? A comparison of Moroccan and Turkish groups in Brusssels and Antwerp. Brussels Studies, 47 (7), 1-13.
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Integratie en religiositeit onder de Turkse tweede generatie in Amsterdam en Berlijnhot!
Fleischmann, F. (2010). Een analyse van jonge moslims in twee Europese hoofdsteden. Migrantenstudies, 26(2), 199-219.
This article compares the relationship between structural integration and different aspects of religiosity among the Turkish second generation in Amsterdam and Berlin, against the background of distinct national models of church-state relations in the Netherlands and Germany.
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Union formation and partner choice in a transnational contexthot!

Milewski, N., and C. Hamel. 2010. Union formation and partner choice in a transnational context : The case of descendants of Turkish immigrants in France. International Migration Review 44(3): 615-658.

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“Turks Abroad: Settlers, Citizens, Transnationals”hot!

International Journal on Multicultural Societies (IJMS) 2009


This collection of papers aims to highlight the similarities and differences between people of Turkish origin living in Europe and Australia.

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Cross National Comparison of Provision and Outcomes for the Education of the Second Generationhot!

Teachers College Record-2009
Jennifer Holdaway, Maurice Crul & Catrin Roberts

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Children of Turkish Immigrants in Germany and the Netherlandshot!

Teachers College Record-2009
Maurice Crul & Jens Schneider 
The Impact of Differences in Vocational and Academic Tracking Systems

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Children of Immigrants in Schools in New York and Amsterdamhot!

Teachers College Record-2009
Maurice Crul & Jennifer Holdaway
The Factors Shaping Attainment

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Integratie tweede generatie in Nederland, DEMOS-Themanummer hot!

DEMOS-Themanummer, Jaargang 24 nr 8.
Een uitgave van het Nederlands Interdiciplinair Demografisch Instituut.

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Thomson, Mark and Crul, Maurice (JEMS 2007) hot!

The Second Generation in Europe and the United States: How is the Transatlantic Debate Relevant for Further Research on the European Second Generation?

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Fibbi, R., Lerch, M. and Wanner, Ph. (JEMS 2007)hot!

Naturalisation and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Youth of Immigrant Descent in Switzerland

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Aparicio, Rosa (JEMS 2007)hot!

The Integration of the Second and 1.5 Generations of Moroccan, Dominican and Peruvian Origin in Madrid and Barcelona

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