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Stakeholders Conference A'dam

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Education and the transition to the labour markethot!

The Second Generation in Europe: Education and the transition to the labour market by Maurice Crul and Jens Schneider, TIES

Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 1055
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An Introduction to the TIES Surveyhot!
by Jens Schneider and Maurice Crul
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 965
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Positive discrimination for public jobshot!

Diversity in personnel policy. Good practices of the Municipality of Amsterdam.
Judith Suurmond, DMO Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 829
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Retention programs in Higher Education hot!

Using the Academic Advancement Program (AAP) based on the Pedagogy of Excellence at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). By Mary Tupan-Wenno, ECHO, the Netherlands

Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 761
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Junge Vorbilder, Mentoring mit Migrationshintergrundhot!

by Arzu Değirmenci and Deniz Akpınar, Verikom, Hamburg

Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 848
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Youth transitions to the labor markethot!
by Elif Keskiner, TIES, University of Amsterdam
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 835
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Swedish Educational System in Shorthot!
By Eva Wirén
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 733
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Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 763
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Workshop “The long Route”hot!
Chairwoman: Ankie Verlaan, The Advisory Board on Diversity and Integration of the city of Amsterdam.
Speaker: Sandra de Bresser, Regio College, Zaandam
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 877
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Mehr Sprache. [More language]hot!
The province of Vorarlberg, its' profile of immigration and its early encouragement of language programme "mehr Sprache". By Eva Grabherr and Simon Burtscher, oKay.zusammen leben, Vorarlberg, Austria
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 724
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Second Language Learning in Pre Schoolhot!
Eva Grabherr and Simon Burtscher, oKay.zusammen leben, Voralberg, Austria
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 622
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With another mother tongue.hot!
Eva Wirén, Stockholm, Sweden
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 2594
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Retention programs in Higher Educationhot!
What can educational programmes do to reduce the differences in school performance and to offer diverse groups of students equal opportunities?
Sabine Severiens, RISBO, Rotterdam
and Mary Tupan, ECHO, Utrecht
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 751
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Integration and Diversity in Education in Europe (IDEE)hot!
Jana Huttova, Open Society Institute, Education Support Program
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 1017
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A cross country comparison on the Turkish Second Generation
Patrick Simon, INED, Paris
Date Added: 19.05.2009 Hits: 1080
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Parents and Schoolinghot!

Expertisenetwork ouderbetrokkenheid.nl
by Esther Sarphatie, Project Capabel: Ouderbetrokkenheid.nl

Date Added: 18.05.2009 Hits: 746
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Segregation in Dutch primary schoolshot!

Current situation & what to do about it.
Guido Walraven, Dutch Knowledge Centre on Mixed Schools

Date Added: 18.05.2009 Hits: 795
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Ethnic Minority Parents and Education hot!

Lisette Massink, FORUM, Ethnic Minority Parents and Education Platform

Date Added: 18.05.2009 Hits: 1582
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Role of cultural mediators in school hot!

Rosa Aparicio-Gomes, Iván Lendrino Tejerina and
Marina Lovelace: Madrid, Spain

Date Added: 18.05.2009 Hits: 855
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Staying on or dropping outhot!

Role of school segregation and intergroup friendships in school success of the Turkish second generation by Gülseli Baysu

Date Added: 18.05.2009 Hits: 997

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